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Fees & Policies

Conscious Beginnings strives to make psychotherapy services available to the most. You can choose between Individual, relationship and Group Therapy, depending on your needs. We offer discounted fees for students, pensioners and individuals with low income.



Individual TherapyCounselling and psychotherapy in Brisbane


The individual therapy is a collaborative process between the therapist and the client that aims to facilitate change and improve quality of life.


Benefits of Individual Therapy:


  • Find out new perspectives and strategies to free yourself from habitual patterns of stress, anxiety, depression and self-criticism.
  • Reclaim your personal power by learning how to take responsibility and move forward in life, rather than feeling stuck, helpless and hopeless.
  • Handle major life challenges and deal with trauma.
  • Improve the quality of your relationships.
  • Defeat depression, anxiety, stress.
  • Find meaning and purpose in life.


Therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy sessions (60 minutes): AU$100 (US$85)



Relationship CounsellingRelationship Counselling in Brisbane


A relationship is like any living organism. It requires time, understanding, care and effort. Maintaining a healthy relationship can be difficult at times.


Some of the issues that can arise among partners are:


  • Drifting apart and feeling disconnected.
  • Not being able to address important problems and unresolved conflict.
  • Expectations and how things “should be”.
  • Difficulty in managing challenging emotions such as anger, resentment, blame.
  • Declining sexual intimacy.
  • Difficulty in adapting to life’s changes, such as becoming parents or personal transitions.


Relationship issues that are not dealt with appropriately will lead to emotional problems and eventually relationship breakdown over the long run.


Relationship counselling can help you to:


  • Rediscover the deep love and appreciation towards your partner;
  • Improve understanding of your and your partner’s needs;
  • Redevelop intimacy and emotional closeness that can get lost over the years;
  • Improve communication with your partner;
  • Find healthy ways to go through conflicting and challenging situations;
  • Create a caring relationship that is based on love, understanding and respect.


Many relationship problems can be resolved through commitment in relationship counselling. Early intervention is most beneficial, yet often partners wait till there is crisis. Relationship counselling can provide you the safe space where some of the unresolved issues can be worked through and new ways of relating can be established.


Relationship counselling sessions (80 minutes): AU$120



Group TherapyGroup Therapy in Brisbane


Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists (group facilitators) working with several participants with related issues.


Recent research has shown that group therapy is a highly effective form of psychotherapy that provides at least equal benefits as individual psychotherapy (Yalom, 2005). Most people who try group therapy for the first time become comfortable with the process within a short period. This comfort and familiarity helps to develop safety, support and cohesiveness in the group where then difficult issues can be discussed and interpersonal learning can occur. Group therapy provides a safe platform where participants realise that they are not the only ones who are experiencing similar problems. Although, you are encouraged to express your honest feelings and thoughts, you are the one who determines how much you disclose in the group.


Advantages of Group Therapy


1. Increased Feedback

It enables insightful feedback not only from the group facilitator but also from the others in the group. These different perspectives and honest feedback are effective in promoting personal growth and change.


2. Modelling

Seeing other people handling similar issues can help participants to discover new approaches to their problems.


3. Improve Social Skills

Meaningful interactions with group members lead to new social skills and effective communication, which can be transferred to other relationships.


4. Cost Effective

Due to its format, group therapy is less expensive than individual therapy.


Weekly group therapy sessions are AU$50 (120 minutes). To express your interest, please contact Jon.


Cancellation Policy


Cancellations within 24 hours of your session time incur the full fee. This policy is representative of the industry standard within the counselling and psychotherapy professions. You will find that therapy works best and produces long lasting change when appointments are regular and consistent.




Your privacy is important to us. We adhere to the Australian Counselling Association Code of Ethics. Please read the information regarding the conditions of service before attending your first session.


It is important to note that Conscious Beginnings is not an emergency service. If you require immediate support, please contact emergency services or after hours counselling services such as:


•     Lifeline: 13 11 14

•     Police, Fire or Ambulance: 000


20 minutes free phone consultation

Book a free phone consultation

A phone consultation gives you the opportunity to understand the way I work and see if you feel comfortable with the process. In this 20-minutes session, we discuss your needs and lay out the foundations of how we can work together. You will then be able to decide if you would like to start with therapy.


Please download the forms below and fill them out before attending your first session

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