“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

– Lao Tzu

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"I needed help. At first I was hesitant as I thought a man could not provide me with the gentleness, patience, compassion and empathy that I was after. Boy, was I wrong. Jon is an exceptional human being. He brought out the best in me and assisted with the rediscovery of the person who I was and who I always had been. His guidance pointed me in the right direction even during the times I didn't understand the why or the how. I felt comfortable to trust the process and have been emotionally enlightened.


Jon also gifted me with the tools to continue using in my everyday life. A year on and I'm still feeling grateful. Occasionally we run into each other on the street and it feels like we have been friends for years. His desire to help others is admirable.


Thank you Jon for helping me smile again from the inside. You have a special gift and I am a very thankful recipient."


- Barbara Gadke



"I'm truly thankful to have come across Jon at Conscious Beginnings. I have always found him to be extremely insightful, intuitive and compassionate.


I have attended a mindfulness course with Jon as well drop-in sessions and each experience never ceased to amaze me with the self-awareness and spiritual growth that Jon facilitates for the participants. Magic really does happen in his sessions and it's a credit to his experience, expertise and personality.


I would encourage anyone and everyone to access Conscious Beginnings services, wherever you are in your life. If you are open to the learnings, the tools you will gain are invaluable and will assist you in all aspects of yor life.


Thank you for all that you have assisted me with Jon, on both my spiritual journey and path to wellbeing."


- Leanne Wiles



"I know Jon through the West End Mindfulness Circle, a free community group both initiated and driven by Jon. The content of his presentations are always well thought through to be tailored to the group and delivered in both a personable and professional way. Jon has a true passion for his work with a drive to deliver and the fact that he is open to feedback ensures continuous improvement in his work. I have no hesitation in recommending Jon to any community or organisation who should wish to engage his services. "


- Debra



"I have attended the Mindfulness sessions, with Jon as the facilitator, since January 2015. I have found Jon to be very professional and respectful towards the participants of the weekly Mindfulness sessions. He welcomes people to the session, and provides information to those who are new to the group or are new to the practice of mindfulness. Initially, participants are asked to 'check in' as to how they are feeling; this is done in a gentle and inclusive manner, which allows for trust to develop within the group.


Jon has a high level of skill in both group facilitation processes and in mindfulness techniques. He attends to the comfort of the group and to any issues that may arise during the course of the session. Different mindfulness techniques may be used from session to session, and Jon has invited others to share their knowledge, techniques or experiences as well.


I have enjoyed the Mindfulness sessions by Jon, and found them to be both nourishing and restorative."




- Julia



"We have known Jon since October 2014 through joining his Mindfulness group in the West End, Brisbane.


At all times Jon led the group with sensitivity, leadership and insight. He gave the group a range of different Mindfulness meditation practices, physical exercises and encouraged us to look at our thinking processes and habits. He is a friendly, outgoing, intelligent, punctual and honest person with a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others. We have no hesitation in recommending him for any future projects."


Yours sincerely,


- Anna & Phil




"Approximately 19 months ago I went into rehab for alcoholism where I was introduced to a therapy called Mindfulness. I found the practice to be very beneficial to my recovery while in rehab and endeavoured to continue it once realeased. Through research I stumbled across Conscious Beginnings run by Jon Unal and decided to sign up for the course. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but went in with an open mind. Jon presented strategies for practicing mindfulness but what I found to be the most beneficial and totally wasn't expecting was the safe and nurturing environment that Jon created encouraging us all to explore ourselves deeper and further with love and compassion for ourselves. I have spent a life abusing myself physically and mentally so this new concept of being kind to myself was totally new but how the little girl in me braced it. My journey continues as I am learning to deal with all the emotions that are bubbling to the surface now that I don't drown them with alcohol but Conscious Beginnings and Jon's teachings were very instrumental in my healing process fresh out of rehab. He truly walks the walks and has a deep compassion and desire for everybody to be their authentic selves. Highly recommend the course and Jon to anybody. Much gratitude."





"I can only describe it as life changing, thank you for all that you did and contributed to my life be less stressful and more joyful"


- Lucas Okamoto



"I have known Jon for about a year and have attended his weekly mindfulness group during this time. Jon has opened my mind to new experiences that have assisted me greatly in my practice of being present and accepting “What Is”. I enjoy these weekly group sessions and have met many like-minded people. On occasion, the energy levels within the group have taken me to a new level of consciousness.


Jon is very knowledgeable in his practice and “walks the talk” on mindfulness. He is extremely generous with his time and is always available outside the group. Jon is a kind, gentle, patient and non-judgmental person.


Jon is confident, honest and professional in his approach and displays great respect for all people he deals with. He believes in himself and his abilities, and is able to transfer this belief to me.


I am a spiritual being and believe everything happens for a reason; there are no coincidences. I am grateful that Jon came into my life at this moment. So if you are reading this testimonial, there is a reason Jon is currently in your life or business. Consider yourself blessed and I urge you to engage his services.


I am happy to be contacted by you, if you personally wish to discuss my experiences with Jon and his great approach.


With gratitude,

Love & Light"


- Jay Parshotam




"Since joining Jon's Mindfulness Workshop I've been impressed with his commitment to creating a welcoming and open atmosphere that encourages participation,  especially amongst those new to the practices. Throughout the sessions I've attended Jon has shown himself to be a skilled group facilitator, adept at managing a variety of activities to explore each sessions overarching theme.


His workshops are well designed and benefit from Jon's ability to considerately distill relevant cognitive research and align this with thought provoking exercises that both aid introspective reflection whilst simultaneously encouraging group discussion. I've personally found the exercises to be useful in identifying unconscious assumptions and default thought processes. My increased personal bias awareness has enabled me to become more willing to challenge these thought processes and associated behaviours."


- Hayley



"I love going to Jon’s mindfulness sessions. They are a great mix of information, movement and meditation. Jon shows us different possibilities to learn and explore being more mindful each week and he is an excellent and skilful group facilitator. I often arrive tired but always leave refreshed, with a more peaceful mind and happier."



"Hello Jon,


I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet you and have some sessions with you. Your fresh approach and presentation and interaction during our discussions was a great help to me.


Thank you for you."


- Denice

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